When you really want to test the chops of a seasoned chef, you order their soup. You can’t cover up your mistakes in a soup, everything has to be balanced and perfectly crafted. A layering of flavors and textures that has to impress spoonful after spoonful. Don’t make a bowl of crap, give it a fancy name, drizzle a basil crème fraîche on top and charge me $12 for it. I approach branding the way I approach soup - I solve the problem, then I make it pretty. That’s The Soup Standard.
— Shan | Founder & Creative Director

The Soup Standard resides in a historical building at Pike & Broadway on Capitol Hill. In the 1920's,  our space functioned as the third floor auto mechanic shop. On select evenings and weekends we also curate creative events within these walls including intimate pop-up dinners, live storytelling and art exhibitions.