The Soup Standard?

When it came time to name her design studio, Shan Foisy drew from her culinary passion. When you really want to test the chops of a seasoned chef, you order their soup. Why? You can’t cover up your mistakes in a soup, everything has to be balanced and perfectly crafted. A layering of flavors and textures that has to impress spoonful after spoonful. Thus, The Soup Standard was born. 


To Create a Brand is to Create an Experience

Soup works with a range of clients in a variety of industries, but has a passion for creating or revolutionizing the brand for creative and innovative companies. This studio has a proven process that digs deep to explore your product or service as well as what makes your company tick. The main goal is to ensure your business increases because your customers have a memorable and positive brand experience. When bringing on a new client, the most important thing is trust. Trust means creative freedom and enables the client to fully reap the benefits of the designer’s expertise.

Brand Voice & Personality // Logo Design // Brand Style Guides // Product Packaging // Consulting // Web Design and Development // Copywriting // Product and Lifestyle Photography