And We Have Liftoff

Trakstar's CEO David Martin came to us a day after visiting the Air and Space Museum here in Seattle. "As a kid, I loved space," he said. "I still love space."

David had an idea to create some t-shirts, stickers, and a poster for his team to get them excited for a series of software launches they would be working on over the next two years. After listening to David talk about his goals, we gave him the idea to offer his team something more interactive and experiential. Trakstar's 13 person team huddles together like family, dogs and all, in their Capitol Hill loft space. So, we decided to take send on a Mission. 

Inspired by the NASA Apollo patches of the 1960's, our team created custom embroidered Liftoff Mission patches to apply to their bags and jackets. Thanks to Linus' dainty hands and Singer skills, we also sewed patches on hoodies we had screened at Sanctuary Arts Center

Peter built a 6' x 7' magnetic wall board to serve as the Mission headquarters so the team could track their progress and post new ideas. Shan vetoed stickers and worked with Jonathan to develop a set of trading cards that could be handed out as Merits amongst the team. The pack included a few Pluto Demerit cards for "Being a sore loser." Word has it there are even a few "Uranus Demerit" cards that David can hand out at his discretion.

It was a long week of crafting and assembly but we had a blast and most importantly, the client was thrilled. We were greeted with a standing ovation from the whole team when we popped in to drop off some extra swag the day David revealed the campaign. This, renewing our hope in client humanity, remind us of the intrinsic value great design can add. Trust, excitement and partnership in the creative process is what takes an idea from a project - to an experience.

VENDORS WE DIGG // Sanctuary Screenprinting is a non-profit entity all proceeds made from sales go directly toward supporting our various programs for at-risk youth. The production team is made up of homeless and street involved youth enrolled in pre-employment training internships. The internships are designed to teach youth specific vocational skills related to the silkscreen trade.

what we loved about this experience

• Working with our hands • Complete creative freedom

• Seeing the Client's team really stoked to work where they do

• Supporting local vendors who give back to the community


A Light in the Attic

AUTHOR: SHAN, FOUNDER & CREATIVE DIRECTOR // After a run to the art supply store today, our designer Linus and I ducked into the our local hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese joint during a downpour. Being the day after Superbowl, we discussed our mutual detest for drunk girls watching sports while we waited for Bahn Mi's for the team. Back at the studio, the guys and I drowned our sandwiches in Siracha and finished up lunch around the table. As everyone got up, I stopped Linus in a sudden onset of calorie driven creativity and demanded he stay put while I ran and got the camera. The afternoon light hit his stoic expression as he sat bundled against the cold brick. He looked like a young solider, posted up in a cold barrack in rural Europe during WWII. 

One of the big reasons we moved from the second floor to the third floor of our Broadway and Pike studio was the light. While the second floor had a nice little direct entrance onto Pike Street, the only natural light came from two small windows that overlooked Neumos roof.  Great for listening to free shows. Bad for photography. Our bold move to the top floor has provided some of the most diverse natural light we have had the joy of shooting in. Our 50' bank of north facing windows along with a large skylight and 15' ceilings makes for a stable and diffused natural light that lasts most of the day. 

We've been lucky enough to begin to shoot custom photography for most of our clients. These shoots range from food, product, lifestyle, business and portrait shoots.  Ponce, Peter & I team up to plan, execute and edit our shoots until we reach just the right image. When we work with a company to build a brand, we believe it's vital to curate all the brand assets from ground up so they are 100% ownable and can be crafted to meet all the communication criteria. Take a look at some of the recent photography we've shot for our clients.




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