Condos & Cranes


A Brief Rant / Shan Foisy

2 months ago, I could see the Space Needle from my office window. I liked it. It made me feel connected to a city and a legacy- not just this neighborhood atop a hill. I have yet to get overly up in arms about all the development and change happening around here. It scares me, but I know cities change and evolve just like people. Seattle is a living, breathing creature. That said- when I popped my head out the window for some fresh air this morning and saw my view was covered with cranes and condos - I was pissed. I want my fucking Needle back. 

Shan Foisy

Shan founded the studio in 2008, a year after winning Best in Show for her graduation portfolio at the Art Institute of Seattle. Prior to moving to Seattle in 2005, she started her creative career in her home archipelago, The San Juans, where she focused in journalism and design. She has had extensive experience in brand development and loves nurturing a company or product into a vibrant brand. Her colleagues describe her as “a fearless creative,” and in 2014 she went as far as to tattoo the company tagline on her arm.